Bringing Elegance To A Room

Adding rugs can add a great deal of enjoyment and elegance to any room. They have to be properly washed and protected to keep their beauty over time. Their life span cannot be extended unless certain measures are used to keep their use for years to come.

Pads should be used under your carpet or rug to keep from unwanted slides and movements. Great carpet pads provide comfort and prolongs the life of your carpets and rugs. This also helps to avoid furniture moving or shifting in unwanted directions. Furniture should be moved at different times during the year to avoid wear in one area of the rug or carpet. Floor protection, such as felt, can be placed under the furniture to help with weight distribution. Furnishings with wheeled rollers should be avoided as they can bring extreme wear to any carpeted area. If a piece of furniture with rollers needs to be moved over a carpeted area, cardboard or heavy plastic can be placed between the two in order to protect it from damage.

Cleaning may be the most important protection of all to keep those carpets and accessory rugs looking good. Many carpet cleaning companies provide oriental rug washing dallas area services to professionally deal with issues. Checking to make sure rugs hold their color before putting them down anywhere is very important before cleaning them. This makes sure they don’t bleed through and stain wood, tile, or carpet with their own colors and damage the area around them permanently. Making sure they are completely dry after a good cleaning will help prevent this too. If you do it yourself, choosing the right cleaning materials is important. A lot of materials may leave oils and residual particles which stain and ruins the cleaning process.

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