What Do I have To Do To Qualify To Practice law In California

There are several necessary education qualifications that you must have so as to be allowed to practice law in California. These include passing the first year law student examination as well as registering with the committee of Bar examiners. You are also required to pass the California bar review the last weeks in February and July. There is also the multistate professional responsibility Exam as well as the Moral Character Determination that is administered in the months of March, august as well as November.

The bar exam is divided into three sections namely, the performance test, the essay and the multistate bar examination. The applicants are required to complete three essays in not more that three hours. These essays are given on Tuesdays and on Thursdays in the morning. Some of the topics that the applicants can be tested include criminal law and procedure, civil procedure, corporations, contracts, torts, real property, trusts, wills, professional responsibilities and even constitutional law among many other topics.

In the afternoons of the same days as the essays, the applicants are required to take the performance tests. The performance tests consist of a writing project lasting for three hours each. They are supposed to provide written documents from the library and files taken from a certain hypothetical law firm. These documents may include memorandum of points and authorities, client letter, discovery plan and interrogatories, trial brief or even closing argument.

The multistate bar exam (MBE) is taken on Wednesdays and consists of two three hour sessions where applicants are given 200 multiple choice questions. There are six main topics that applicants are tested on the MBE. These are the 33 questions on real property, 33 questions on criminal and procedures, 33 questions on constitutional law, 33 questions on evidence, 34 questions on torts and 34 questions on contracts. According to California bar exam review 2015 , there will be another additional content area that will be covered. This seventh content is the civil procedure.

Out of the 200 questions consisted in the multistate bar examination, 10 are unscored pre-test items while the remaining 190 are scored items. Introduction of the seventh topic of civil procedure will therefore mean that the other topics will be affected in terms of the number of questions covering each of them. The numbers will be reduced. As from 2015, contracts will be covered in 28 questions while the remaining 6 topics will be covered in 27 questions, totaling to 190 questions.

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