The Truth About Plastic Surgery Health Benefits

Improving physical appearance is just one of many possible benefits that plastic surgery can provide. Yet, it is the most common thought when we are listening to a plastic surgeon interview or reading a medical article. We can state that reducing plastic surgery to appearance is one of the biggest misconception of modern times. Most surgeons, likeĀ Dagan MD, are well aware that positive results of their procedures aren’t sealed only to body countering. When you look deeper and research the argument, you will find out that plastic surgeons are doctors and their work has positive effects on patient’s health, confidence, lifestyle and life expectancy.

Resolving physical imperfections is great, it can give to a patient greater self-confidence, reduce his stress and anxiety, and improve his quality of life. But plastic surgery means more, Let us find out 3 great health benefits of plastic surgery.

Firstly, plastic surgery can relieve neck, back and shoulder pain. Posture issues are more common in women with overly large body frames. In addition, shoulder shrugging is a common tactic for man suffering from Gynaecomastia, an increase in the amount of breast glands tissue in boys or men, and women with small or large breasts. Their issues aren’t just esthetical, and patients can suffer terrible pain in back muscles and shoulders. They can’t stand with shoulders back and in the proper position. After an appropriate treatment, patients with those issues are immediately relief of pain in the shoulder area. This is one of the areas where plastic surgery is covered by medical insurance.

Secondly, plastic surgery can improve patients breathing and oxygen flow. Rhinoplasty is a surgery to change the shape of the nose. It isn’t just a cosmetic procedure, it can be performed to improve health as well. Functional airway obstruction can introduce minor problems, like nasal congestion, mouth breathing, and reduced sense of smell, or major problems, like nosebleeds, sinus infection, sinus pressure headaches, chronic nasal dysfunction, hypertension, insomnia and obstructive sleep apnoea. Once patient’s nose is corrected, many health problems, like blood pressure and heart conditions, are cured too. Rhinoplasty is also covered by medical insurance.

Thirdly, plastic surgery can extend a patient life expectancy. Patients that are overweight should take a very serious view on their weight loss. Fat and breast reduction in those cases is limited, but, on the other hand, they can contribute in reducing the number of fat cells and improve body’s ability to break down insulin. Removing fat from patients body will result in improved blood pressure, less cholesterol, and better heart conditions. A consequence of the time and money that patients invest in plastic surgery is the effort they do to maintain a healthy diet …