Factors To Consider When Choosing Quality Dog Food

Your canine family member’s long-term health and well-being heavily depend on what you, as a responsible and caring dog owner, feed him/her. The importance of choosing the best quality dog food cannot be stressed enough. This way, you can make sure that your furry baby benefits from a healthy and balanced diet that properly meets his/her exact nutritional needs, gives him/her lots of energy, and causes no digestive problems.

The first factors you need to consider is your canine friend’s age (life stage), activity, and health status ( e.g. does he/she suffer from an underlying health condition such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which is very common in dogs, or allergies, or liver/kidney issues?). If you order dog food online, you can take advantage of established and trusted online feed stores such as Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies to shop for the right dog food for your furry baby. The store carries a vast range of dog food ( canned, dehydrated, dry, frozen, cooked, etc) as well as dog supplies.

It’s very important to choose a store that has useful filters such as protein level, feeding types, life stage, etc. when shopping for dog food, because not only does it save you time but also makes it easier for you to browse the right products. For instance, you can carefully select the products with a protein level that your dog needs ( e.g. if you have a young and very active dog, you should look for high-protein dog food; for older/senior dogs, products with a lower protein level are typically recommended), When shopping for dog food online, you can also take advantage of a product’s rating based on other dog owners’ experience with the product.

Other factors to consider in order to choose the right products for your pet include a product’s nutritional facts, that you can read even online, the ingredients ( be sure to look for products containing natural ingredients only, with no preservatives, GMOs, or other harmful ingredients) and the brand. It’s in your dog’s best interest to choose high-quality products from reliable and trusted dog food manufacturers. Another factor is whether your dog needs a grain-free diet or not. Grain-free diets are especially recommended when a dog suffers from food allergies or intolerance. These diets lack grains, so they contain one or more sources of meat, vegetables, fruits, and even herbs.

Be sure to check out Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies’ website if you want to order the highest quality food for your canine family member at the best prices and also learn more about their trainers and specialized services.

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