Key Reasons to See a Urologist

Urologists are highly skilled professionals with prowess in identifying and treating numerous illnesses that affect both men and women. However, many people are uninformed on when to see one. To help you not to miss out on the care you deserve, we’ve compiled a list of crucial reasons to see a urologist.

  • Incontinence or overactive bladder

The loss of bladder control is owed to improper functioning of the urinary system. Unfortunately, this is a common problem among Americans, especially the elderly. Although incontinence or overactive bladder are usually linked to the aging process, they are manageable and treatable. So, if you’re having bladder issues, schedule an appointment with a Phoenix urologist for further diagnosis and treatment.

  • Urinary tract infections

Most UTIs are caused by the migration of bacteria from the digestive tract to the urethra. The most prevalent symptoms of UTI are pain, vomiting, nausea, and incontinence. If left untreated, UTI could give rise to a more lethal infection in the kidneys. UTIs are more common among women than men.

  • Male infertility

In a scenario where a couple is struggling to conceive, both male and female can be the problem. It is definitely deserving of booking an appointment with a Phoenix urologist to carry out a thorough examination. Varicoceles, sperm disorders, and damage to the reproductive tract are the primary causes of infertility in men. Other conditions that can cause male infertility are heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

  • Erectile dysfunction

This is often due to an existing condition. For example, stress or anxiety can give rise to this condition. First, however, consider visiting a urologist for the diagnosis and treatment of this disorder. The urologist will identify the root cause of ED and advise you accordingly on what you need to do to reverse this situation.

  • Enlarged Prostate

This disorder is more common among men aged 50 and above. Enlarged prostate develops due to the overgrowth of cells in the prostate gland prompting the urethra contract. A contracted bladder makes the bladder unable to empty all the urine, causing you to feel the urge to urinate from time to time.

  • Kidney Problems

Kidney problems, especially kidney stones, can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Kidney stones form in the urinary tract and result in extreme pain in the back, testicles, lower stomach, and groin. If not treated, kidney stones can pose numerous problems for the kidneys and, if highly severe, could result in permanent, lasting damage. Drinking a lot of water can help reduce the occurrence of kidney stones.

If you are experiencing any of the problems discussed above, consider visiting your nearby urologist without delay for diagnosis and possible treatment.

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